ESG and Supply Chain Compliance

The distributiontalks of 29 April 2024 hosted and sponsored by Niederer Kraft Frey at Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich was all about ESG and Supply Chain Compliance.

We were happy to hear from the experiences of Lillian Goldsmith (Co-Head Responsible Sourcing Supply Chain Due Diligence at Glencore), Alessandro Bove (Manager Legal & Compliance at LIDL) and Philipp von Ins (Head of Legal & Compliance at LIDL) who openly shared their views.

We inter alia discussed current «best practices», where a company should start, data gathering and analyzing, educating all parties involved and potential future developments.

We shed light on the various applicable legislations, including the German Supply Chain Act («LkSG»), the EU-Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive («CSDDD»), the «Swiss Supply Chain Act» («VSoTr») and the challenges of respective implementations. The speakers shared that, in their experience, the challenges are mainly data management, including maintaining data accuracy and integrity, supplier management and, depending on the product in question, also such product’s traceability. Supply chain transparency, i.e. achieving transparency throughout the supply chain to track the origin and movement of products and materials, can also be demanding.  

The impact of the current legislation mainly lays in the drafting of various documents and guidelines, proving trainings of own personnel and of suppliers, the establishment of a «standing structure» and a periodical review and adaption of the same. There is software on the market which may help to tackle some of these tasks.

As usual, the talks were followed by a small apéro where participants continued to exchange their experiences.

The distributiontalks team is already looking forward to the next event on 4 November 2024!

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